How Aqua-Yield™ Works:

Traditional Technology

Large particles wash off foliage, limiting availability


Minified™ particles are easily absorbed by the plant 

Nano inside Leaf-2x

Superior Absorption

The Aqua-Yield Shield process creates a nano-sized shield around nutrient molecules/ion with the Nano-Shield™ process.

Aqua-Yield™ Operations, LLC (Aqua-Yield™) has developed a proprietary process for liquid fertilizers that increases plant nutrient uptake, plant density and root mass, and plant productivity. The Aqua-Yield™ process is a series of physical processes that purify water, minimize particle sizes, and add a shielding that results in a unique finished product. There are no chemicals added to fertilizer substrates, only ultra-purified water and there are no chemical processes performed in the making of the finished product. Aqua-Yield™ summarizes their process in four words: Purify, Minify, Shield, Yield.


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