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TriYield's technology promotes greater crop yields, faster time to market and reduced fertilizer expenditures.

How it works:


Aqua-Yield™ Operations, LLC (Aqua-Yield™) has developed a proprietary process for liquid fertilizers that increases plant nutrient uptake, plant density and root mass, and plant productivity. The Aqua-Yield™ process is a series of physical processes that purify water, minimize particle sizes, and add a shielding that results in a unique finished product. There are no chemicals added to fertilizer substrates, only ultra-purified water and there are no chemical processes performed in the making of the finished product. Aqua-Yield™ summarizes their process in four words: Purify, Minify, Shield, Yield.

Locus Agricultural Solutions, LLC™ (Locus AG) provides growers with science-based solutions to address several challenges to agricultural productivity: crop vitality and nutrition, soil microbial health, insect pest management and plant disease management. The company has developed non-GMO microbial products to better manage crops in lieu of traditional chemical options. These disruptive solutions can quickly be scaled domestically and internationally. Locus AG utilizes a unique, local fermentation system to produce fresh, dense batches of these agricultural microbes that are delivered directly to the grower for application within hours to days following their production—assuring that the products are potent and optimized for local conditions.


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