Growing better solutions everyday.

Increase yield, minimize time. TriYield® is your hub for agricultural innovation.

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Growing better solutions everyday.

Increase yield, minimize time. TriYield® is your hub for agricultural innovation.

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Smaller technology, bigger results.

Crop yields vary with every grower, but Aqua-Yield® has seen an average of 20% increase in yield across the nation. See what it could do to increase your yield. We are proud to carry Aqua-Yield®, IonX, TriYield®, Corigin, SeaCole, and Innovak Global products.








TriYield® in the news.

USDA and EPA Announce Winners of the Next Gen Fertilizer Innovations Challenge

USDA and EPA Announce that Aqua-Yield is a top winner of the Next Gen Fertilizer Innovations Challenge.

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PR Newswire “Aqua-Yield/TriYield Target Florida’s Greening (HLB) Epidemic”

PR Newswire dives into the effect that TriYield is having on the Florida citrus industry’s fight against HLB.

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Inc. Magazine “7 Eco-Friendly Companies Trying to Save the World”

Inc. Magazine started out February by featuring Aqua-Yield in a collection of the eco-friendly companies who are doing their part to help the planet.

Read the Article → “Game Far From Over for Florida Citrus” featured the unique abilities of Aqua-Yield technology to impact the citrus industry in Florida.

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Huffington Post: Aqua-Yield in the Quest for Healthier Food

 The Huffington Post featured Aqua-Yield in their January article, “5 Issues Aqua-Yield Combats in the Quest for Healthier Food.”

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StartupNation: “New Ideas and Big Impacts”

StartupNation featured Aqua-yield as the first of five companies that are making major advances in their industries. “New Ideas and Big Impacts: Startups Changing the World” illustrates the splash that Aqua-yield is making in the agricultural world.

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Who we are

At TriYield® we believe the future is today and our innovations will take our customers into tomorrow. We are the hub of agricultural innovation. TriYield® technology promotes greater crop yields, faster time to market and reduced fertilizer expenditures. Our products utilize patented AquaYield® technology to promote higher crop yields, faster time to market and reduced fertilizer expenditures.

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Meet the team

TriYield® sales agronomists are highly focused and proactively introduce new products and technologies for our grower’s success.


Hailing from Arcadia, FL, Chris took ownership of TriYield in 2018 after being part of the original 2015 team at Bethel Farms. The most important people in his life are his family, his employees, and his customers. Chris learned early in his career that agricultural sales are where his passions lie. His favorite experience in business includes any time producers, large or small, achieve success like they never have before.


Austin sums up his passion as follows: “I do what I do because I simply love what I do.” Finding fulfillment in servicing, consulting, and helping farmers in any way he can, Austin stands behind the fact that the agricultural industry is a huge family, regardless of what division you are in. When not at work, he enjoys hunting, air boating, and travelling from his home in Plant City, FL to the West. He also spends time with his supportive wife and parents, saying, “Without my family, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.”

J. Parker Brown (1)

Parker Brown is a graduate from Florida Gulf Coast University with a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies. He enjoys playing the guitar, listening to live music and exploring our country’s state and national parks. As a 7th generation Floridian, being a sales agronomist gives Parker an opportunity to build on the legacy left by farmers before him.


Also from Arcadia, FL, John enjoys Gator Football and says that family is the most important thing in his life. Starting with TriYield as a customer, he soon saw the advantages TriYield’s products offer in agriculture. Later becoming part of the team as a Sales Agronomist, John strives to keep the integrity of his reputation by being hard-working, honest, and fair and it excites him to visit with producers each day to improve the growth of their crops.

Tommy Childers

A third-generation farmer with more than 25 years of experience in the ag industry as a farmer and fertilizer/chemical rep across the southeast and Caribbean. My passion is for my family and growers, to help reach their full potential. I love spending time with my family hunting, fishing, and camping.

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